Members telling us why they love Premier Conditioning!

Isaac Moody

Karlee O’Brien

Jack Scanlon

Ned Murphy 

Hugh Sedger

Christian Low

Rob Jensen 

Justin Shiels

Mathew Grant

Nick Keppel

Josh Willis

Peta Donovan

I’ve been training at Premier for nearly a year now. Between doing the classes and an individual program written up by Gio I have achieved and learnt more this year then I ever have with regards to my strength and fitness. Gio and his team are extremely supportive, helpful and knowledgeable.

No matter what your fitness level or abilities they are there to help you and Gio can adjust anything to fit in with your abilities. I can not recommend Gio and his team at Premier enough.

Jirah Luck

I’ve been training with Gio at premier conditioning for the last couple of months.
Gio has crafted an individual plan for me to follow in my 45min/1hr sessions. I love the fact the plan is catered to work on areas that suit my specific needs and areas I want to see growth in.
I’ve found the program and gym to be very supportive, giving space and also encouragement/guidance  when needed and have enjoyed seeing results as I continue to build wholistic health and wellness. 

I would highly recommend Gio and the team at premier conditioning. 

Sophie Macfarlane

I couldn’t recommend Gio and the team at Premier Conditioning more highly.
Gio has developed such a unique gym & is always so encouraging and supportive. The workouts are consistently challenging but the team at Premier make them achievable and individualized. I always leave every session feeling empowered and motivated.

There is a beautiful sense of community at Premier and training here has been such a pleasure! For anyone looking for a gym in Toowoomba, I would strongly urge you to give Premier a go!

Keelah Pobar

I would definitely recommend Premier Conditioning as a place to workout in Toowoomba. The gym atmosphere is very friendly and motivating you can’t help but want to attend sessions everyday.

You can always expect a good variety of weekly workouts that make you work hard and achieve results. I certainly loved my time at Premier Conditioning and if i’m ever in town again I would choose train there.

Kali Brumpton

I started this program about 4 weeks ago and it’s been incredible! It’s so individualised and I love being at the gym surrounded by great people and a friendly environment.

I’ve seen so much progress lately!

Brenden O’Donnell

I’ve been training at Premier Conditioning for 3 years now and I feel very comfortable but challenged to get the best performance possible at every workout. Gio brings a relaxed energy to the gym and I feel challenged with no pressure and I can train at my own pace and there doesn’t seem to be any tall poppy syndrome. Everyone is there to train and have fun pushing one another to do better than the last wod.

I would recommend Premier Conditioning for any person to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Zali Johnston

I’ve been at Premier Conditioning for almost 2 years now…and have loved every second of it. Everyone is super friendly; the workouts are always different and I constantly notice the improvements in my strength and fitness.

The Coaches are excellent and always help to push and motivate you while at the same time putting in the extra time and attention to perfect your technique. Whatever your goals — this is the team to achieve them with.

Layla Rose

Working with Gio at premier conditioning made the difference to me achieving my goal of entering the police force. His professional approach and wide ranging focus on complete physical fitness, strength and agility is second to none. I couldn’t recommend Gio more.

Nelson Janke and James Dixon

Nelson (Pictured Left) – “Going to Premier Conditioning is certainly worth your while. The environment set by Gio and the close knit team is not only great for your fitness but for also your health. It is certainly what I was looking for!”

James (Pictured Right) – “I can’t thank Gio enough for the supportive and encouraging environment he has created at Premier. He is always approachable and willing to assist you in any way he can. It’s the people you train with that make Premier what it is.

You are always made to feel welcomed and part of the family. The programs are designed in a way to ensure you are challenged but always made to feel like you are progressing. You always look forward to the next session. I can’t Premier Conditioning highly enough and urge everyone feeling a bit flat or like their training is plateauing to give it a go.”

Jack Boland

I trained with Gio for about 3 months. Just working on my overall fitness so I can be ready to join the army. My fitness didn’t only jump one level but a few levels and I’ve never been fitter!

I cannot recommend Gio more, he is an excellent trainer.

Lauren Knight

I have been a member of Premier Conditioning for over 12 months. Gio and his friendly trainers have helped me with my fitness goals, motivated me and helped me reach my potential.

Their knowledge and understanding is second to none and have modified exercises when needed. I’ve made some wonderful friends and I enjoy being a part of the Premier Conditioning family!

Shae Pata

I cannot recommend Gio and the team at Premier Conditioning highly enough. Gio and his team create a professional, supportive and fun environment. I’ve trained with Gio and the crew for almost 2 years now including Strength and Conditioning classes as well as a few PT sessions with Gio. I’m the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been and have achieved so many of my fitness goals.

I was even able to train up until two weeks before giving birth because Gio and the team were happy to tailor the workouts to suit my condition. I’ve made some great friends and have absolutely enjoyed being a part of this awesome community!

Amanda Hutchings

How long have you been at Premier Conditioning and why?
I have been attending Premier Conditioning gym since it been opened and have weekly PT sessions with Gio.
I started PT sessions to improve my general fitness (mainly my strength.)

What are your goals?
This year my goals are to completed in two Olympian triathlons (Mooloolaba Triathlon and Noosa Triathlon) and complete my first half marathon – Gold Coast.

How have we achieved them?
In 2015, I completed my first Olympian triathlon, which was a big achievement as at the start of the year, I never ran 10km. The PT sessions have help improve my strength and reach another goal – being able to do a push up!
Also, PT sessions have help me achieve self belief that some items can be achieved (such as push ups).

Would you recommend Premier Conditioning and why?
Premier Conditioning has a wonderful, friendly, welcoming and down to earth atmosphere. I always feel comfortable at this gym!
Staff at Premier Conditioning have always been supportive of my goals and taken a interest in my goals and have a understanding of what you want to achieve.
I would definitely recommended Premier Conditioning, as your gym visits are always a positive experience!

Bec Stower – Open Division Head Coach (Not Pictured)

Darling Downs Regional Netball began with Premier Conditioning by offering our players on our Regional pathways the opportunity to work with Gio and Mick, targeting strength and conditioning in Term 3 of 2016.
As Head Coach of our our Darling Downs Panthers and Regional Cubs Program, I had discussions with Gio about “netball specific” areas I wanted targeted.

Gio really listened to our needs, and structured the sessions accordingly.
Our Darling Downs Panthers squads began sessions in September 2016, and the girls have become fitter, stronger and more agile.

The girls thoroughly look forward to their sessions, knowing they will be varied depending on whether it’s with Gio or Mick, and they never know what to expect! They come out having worked really hard, being pushed to new limits each and every time. This is all so important for our injury prevention.

I highly recommend Premier Conditioning for elite sporting teams from our Region, we appreciate the time and support given to our athletes by Gio and Mick, and are proud to have Premier as support partners to the Darling Downs Panthers!

Mark Bray – Lockyer District High School

I started boxing classes with Mick Shaw at Premier Conditioning at the beginning of 2015.
I needed a class that fit my lifestyle and, with 5 children at home, going to the gym in the evening is rarely an option.

The 5am boxing class seemed like the perfect fit.
Mick runs an excellent class and the group members give it a real community vibe. There is always great banter, but everyone is dedicated to improving their fitness and are highly motivated to achieve their goals.

Under Mick’s expert guidance I have improved my strength and fitness and have competed in a couple of boxing matches, which has been thoroughly rewarding.

I love boxing and would encourage anyone interested in giving it a try to come to Premier Conditioning.
I couldn’t imagine life without it!

Scott and Angela Maroske 

We initially started personal training sessions with Gio to improve our general fitness. Two years on we have seen not only an improvement in our fitness but also in our strength, flexibility, overall health, and in our performance in our individual sports.

Gio is professional, supportive and encouraging (no shouting) and motivates us to push past our own perceived limits. Our sessions are challenging but always with an element of fun which makes it easy to stay motivated. Every session is different with a variety of exercises and equipment so we don’t get bored doing the same program over and over again.

He is conscious that we have correct form and technique, and tailors our program to accommodate any niggling injuries. His extensive knowledge of stretching and recovery is a great way to finish our sessions and ensure that we aren’t too sore the next day.

We would certainly recommend Gio without hesitation. Because of Gio we have become stronger, fitter, more flexible and most importantly, working out has become fun.

Jason Wardle 

Managing Director of RMA Engineers, Toowoomba

I started personal training at Premier Conditioning with Mick Shaw twice a week which focused on boxing and general fitness. I then added a third session during the week with Gio Davies which focused on improving my strength and flexibility.
I found my health and fitness improved dramatically because my training sessions were constantly varied with boxing, bodyweight, mobility, strength and conditioning. Mick and Gio taught me that being “fit” is being able to do anything!

Midway 2016 Premier Conditioning introduced corporate classes twice a week to the staff at RMA Engineers. Gio mixed the classes up with kettlebell and bodyweight exercises.
I found after a few weeks staff morale, productivity, communication and team work improved immensely. Gio also started an 8 week fitness challenge which we saw amazing results and improvements with everyone.

After several months of training with Mick and Gio I competed in Premier Conditioning’s first Corporate Fight Night on the 18th of November. Although I didn’t take the win I found it was a great goal and challenge for myself, I would like to thank Mick for his guidance and support leading up to the fight!

If you’re a business owner or manager I would recommend you to contact Premier Conditioning for Corporate sessions. Not only have I seen my staff’s health, communication and team work improve I also use the Corporate sessions as a hiring tool when looking at employing new staff.

For anyone else looking at starting their health and fitness journey, contact Mick and Gio today. They are both professional, knowledgeable and will support you in every step of the way.

Helen Drury 

I have a weekly boxing PT with Mick Shaw at Premier Conditioning and it’s one of my favourite workouts of the week!  Mick’s boxing PT’s are always varied and he provides a challenge for each session.

My strength and fitness have definitely improved over time.  Even when we do some sparring, Mick is very encouraging and patient (sparring is not one of my fortes!).

I’ve also attended Mick’s boxing fitness classes and these are excellent classes as well. The atmosphere at the gym is very supportive and I enjoy the fitness sessions I attend, particularly my regular boxing PT. If Mick’s away, Gio steps in and provides an excellent PT session too!

You don’t have to be a boxer to do a boxing PT or attend a boxing fitness class, there is something for everyone!

Andrew Paton

From the day I started, Premier Conditioning has been a place where I find myself constantly challenged, encouraged to set goals & pushed to work towards them no matter what it takes.

Having experienced what other gyms offer, there is absolutely no comparison to training at Premier Conditioning. A big part of this is the members who are always supportive and encouraging of each other regardless of background, age or fitness level.

To anyone interested or curious about Premier Conditioning, you have to come and try it. I guarantee you’ll be hooked and going to the gym will never be the same again.

A massive thank you to Gio and the rest of team at Premier Conditioning, you guys are truly amazing.

Tamara Whittaker 

A colleague introduced me to Mick and the team at Premier Conditioning two years ago and I have never looked back.

Mick’s sessions are different every time and he is always encouraging you + giving coaching advice where needed.

The atmosphere of the classes and the people you meet is a real motivator too.

Couldn’t ask for a better gym.

Anna, George and Dim Christodoulou

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we train as amatuer boxers with our coach Mick Shaw. Being a very experienced boxer himself, Mick shows us how to become the best we can be. Each and every day is something new at boxing, from strength and conditioning to fitness and sparring.

Mick gives up a lot of his own time for the boxing team – Team ‘Pony’ Shaw and we appreciate it it very much.

If any other young people, girls or boys, would like to learn how to box then who better to learn with than Mick and our team.

Tingshu Ng

Started with premier conditioning 5 months ago and I’ve never felt stronger. I was not someone committed to exercising before and starting on these intense exercises were kinda intimidating to begin with.

However, I was very encouraged throughout the whole journey by the other fellow members and of course Gio who is always there to support and to make sure I “keep my back straight” and “keep my elbows up” or just to remind me of my “last 60 secs”.

I also developed an addictive love-hate relationship with lifting ever since the day I graduated from the baby barbell and I would not have been able to commit to growing this relationship without Gio and Premier Conditioning.

It has been an amazing fitness journey!


Sonia Sexton

I believe exercise is an important part of your life, not just for body image but for your mind, to gain good health and to feel strong. To maintain a good exercise regime I knew I needed a good trainer who I respected and would make me accountable.

I found all of these traits in Mick Shaw from Premiere Conditioning. I admired his boxing history and now thoroughly enjoy the knowledge he shares in a genuine grounded manner. Every session is different and I always leave feeling a sense of achievement and ready for the day.

I simply love Micks no mucking around, get in get the job done demeanour with a professional care that allows you to feel part of a good environment.

Oskar Sheppard 

I began training at Premier Conditioning so I could continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with my children.
I joined Premier looking to be challenged to reach new personal goals.

Gio’s commitment to learning and professional development means he is well equipped to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Personally, Gio has helped me reach, and most often exceed, any personal goal I have shared with him.

Gio, Mick and their team are professional, supportive and keen to see you succeed. They have created an environment to train that is challenging but remains fun and very supportive.

I strongly recommend Premier Conditioning to anyone looking to participate in a healthier lifestyle, no matter what your fitness level.

Nick Keppel

I started training with Gio over 2 years ago with a few mates after school and have never looked back. His guidance, support and friendliness has helped me improve in many ways. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever thanks to Gio and Premier Conditioning.
I feel the difference in my body when playing sport. I’ve also met wonderful new people throughout my fitness journey at Premier Conditioning.
I encourage anyone to come in and start training at Premier Conditioning as it has been a beneficial experience for me physically and socially. 
Rob Jensen
I’m proud to be one of the originals ever since you guys first lifted up the roller doors. I’ve been fronting up continually for a few reasons. I respect the passion you two have for what you do. You literally live and breathe strength and conditioning.
I enjoy training with your clients who have now become my friends. This makes for a great training atmosphere. I love the location. Being tucked away in a quiet street which doubles as a safe and practical exercise environment. The fact that there is a delicious bakery next door really doesn’t influence my attendance at all.
I have no hesitation in recommending Premier Conditioning as these guys cater for those who wish to train like a machine or if you’re a daggy Dad like me, provide programs to straighten up the round edges after years of neglect. 
Mick Shaw has the experience and professionalism to allow his clients to experience what it’s like to train to box in a safe and controlled setting which enables us to learn some self defense and build self confidence. He also has a great rapport from his junior squad and goes to great lengths to connect with the kids and make everyone feel at home in the gym.
Thanks again Mick Shaw and Gio Davies.
Christine Ward

Well what can I say….  I was looking for a trainer who would be able to train me one on one and get me fit and strong for some strongman competitions that I am keen to participate in next year.  I have found the perfect place and a fantastic trainer in Gio Davies at Premier Conditioning.

I have been having these sessions now for about 8 weeks and they have been really amazing. Gio fully understood what I wanted to achieve with my training with him so that it would work in conjunction with my strength program.  Each session has been varied and different and Gio really pushes me outside my comfort zone.  However even though they are tough to get through, I am stoked when I finish each one and I find that the encouragement I receive from Gio is fabulous.

Every Wednesday night I start to get excited about my Thursday morning session and I wonder what strongman endurance session Gio will have in stall for me.

I am absolutely thrilled to have found such a great trainer who really understands my training needs and is patient, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Gio to anyone who wants to get the best out of their training.

Thanks Gio !!

Lachlan and Leah Browne

My wife and I train at premier weekly for a boxing PT with Mick Shaw, we have an absolute blast every session.
Mick makes it really enjoyable and is super patient.
We have seen a massive improvement in our form and fitness since starting training with Mick!!!
Unreal Boxing Coach and would recommend him to any fitness level, whether it be for fun and fitness or seeking professional coaching!!!
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