We would like to officially welcome Claire to the team at Premier Conditioning.

Over the years, we have been asked about meals plans, or guides to help tone up, lose weight, maintain a healthy diet or increase muscle mass. However, we always respond with the same answer “Unfortunately, we can only offer advice, we have spent years mastering our craft in strength and conditioning in movement, and nutrition and diet is a whole new world”.

Essentially, what this means is we always work within our scope of practise, which is to offer advice in regards to healthy eating and nutrition. Our biggest pet hate that we always see is trainers and coaches offering meal plans or diets into their programs or challenges. But, unless you are a registered dietitian or a licensed physician, then you should not be offering meals plans, only offer general advice.

Furthermore, much like exercise, everyone is different when it comes to their diet and nutrition. We’ve come to realise that what may work for someone, may not work for someone else. Another reason we do not offer meal plans or diets.

Therefore, enter Claire, a registered practising dietitian!

Claire will be our new dietitian and will be happy to assist everyone with any nutrition or dietary advice.

What is a dietitian? A dietitian is a university qualified health care professional who is an expert in human nutrition, diet and can assist an individual’s diet based upon their needs or medical condition.

Additionally, Claire also has a strong focus on improving body composition, helping you with diet optimisation, improving your mental wellbeing, healthy aging and improving gut health.

We’re all very excited to have Claire on board, and we’re looking forward to seeing her help the Premier Conditioning members and the Toowoomba community!

If you would like to contact Claire, you can send her an email –