Strength –

Superset x 3

A1 – Max Elevated Ring Rows

A2 – Side Plank x 60s each side

Workout –

Cardio Team Workout –

6min Each –

Max Dble Unders

Max Cal Ski

Max Cal Row

Max Sled Pushes

1min rest between each 6min

Session Notes –

Strength – This piece will be focused on working athlete’s horizontal pulling strength, shoulder stability and trunk endurance. We need to build this strength in order for athletes to progress into more advanced gymnastics movements. If athletes are unable to perform more than 5 reps on the rows with their feet on the bench they can scale back with feet on the ground.

Workout – This is amrap in teams of 3 to 4 for 6min X 4 sets. Each team will have in 6min each station and will have 1min to transition over. The calories, reps, and laps on the sled is up to the teams to decide.