Strength – 

Bench Press

2 warm up sets

5 x 8 Bench Press

Build weight Across sets

Workout – 



Ring Muscle Up

Squat Snatch 60/40

*Compare from last time*

Session Notes –

Strength – The focus of this piece is looking at higher volume strength. Athletes want be looking at building to an 8RM of the day across the 5 working sets the have.

Workout – This is a repeat workout of our benchmark workout in week 4. This will be a test to see where athletes have come since the last did this workout 6 weeks ago. Todays workout is the benchmark workout Amanda. This workout is low volume but heavy and technical. Just like other bench mark workouts athletes should be looking to get through the work as quick as possible. To help athletes do this the may look at breaking down the sets into smaller more manageable sets early on to maintain a consistent work rate throughout.