Tuesday 31st July 2018

Strength – Barbell Cycling 

10min EMOM – 8 x Hang Power Snatch

18min AMRAP – Pairs

Partner 1 – AMRAP through

10 x V Ups

20 x Box Jumps

30 x Dble Unders

Partner 2 – 400m Run (Timer)

Session Notes – 

Strength – Today’s strength piece will be focused on the barbell cycling of the hang power snatch. Weights for this EMOM should not be too heavy as the main goal is to get through the reps each minute as fast as possible and unbroken to focus on fast cycling.

Workout – Today’s pairs AMRAP will be complete by partner 1 that is doing the work through the v-up, box jump overs and double unders. While partner 1 works through this partner 2 will be out on a 400m run. When partner 2 returns from the run they will takeover from partner 1 and continue with the AMRAP and partner 1 will begin a 400m run. This pattern will continue for the 18 Minutes.

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