Strength –

Clean Complex – 15 Minutes to find Max Load complex

1 Power Clean

1 Squat Clean

2 Front Squats

Workout – 

5 Rounds – 90s On/90 Off AMRAP

20 Front Rack Lunges 40/30

10 Hang Squat Cleans 40/30

10 Push Jerks 40/30

Session Notes – 

Strength – The goal of this complex is to begin to fatigue the athlete with the 2 types of clean first and then work their strength with the 2 front squats. Remind athletes that as they increase the weight that it will be important to maintain a good upright position through the squat clean and front squats. To do so athletes should keep their eyes up and force their elbows up through the lift.

Workout – This workout is a simple 5 rounds amrap of 90s on, 90s off with the barbell. Athletes should look at keeping movement constant throughout the workout. As the workout progresses athletes should be mindful of their grip on the bar as this may fatigue across the 5 rounds.