Strength – 

Power Clean Cycling

Every 3min x 5

Max Reps Unbroken @ 50/30

Touch and Go

Workout – 

In Pairs or Teams of 3


Max Row Cal

2 Minutes Rest


Max Ski Cal

2 Minutes Rest


Max Sled Pushes

To be performed as 1 Min On, 1 Min Off with partner or in teams.

Session Notes – 

Strength Notes:  This strength piece will be a test piece for the next focus cycle we will be working on. The aim is to see how many reps the athlete can accumulate across the 5 sets of their power clean. The meaning of unbroken will need to be strict in this piece in order for scores to be a good indicator of where they are at and to measure against them in the future. Reps should be moved through at a constant pace and any paused or re sets between reps should be regarded as breaking. If athletes need to scale the weight back for this piece they should take note of this for future re tests.

Workout – Due to AMRAPS being performed as 1 min on 1 min off with partners a maximum effort should be put in while working to earn your rest period. This is to be considered max effort sprints while working.