Strength – 

Hang Squat Clean EMOM x 10

2 Hang Squat Clean

Touch and Go

Workout – 

12 Rounds For Time

In Pairs Alternating Movement

35 Double Unders

12 Hang Power Clean 60/40


Session Notes – 

Strength – The hang squat clean will be important to help build power on the top end of the pull of the clean and will also teach the athlete to be fast with their drop under the bar. Only being 2 reps for this EMOM means the weight should be heavy which will bring in a strength component to the piece. And being touch and go will force the athlete to keep moving through the reps which will add fatigue to the athlete.

Workout – This pair’s workout should be a high intensity workout. Athlete one will be requires to complete all of movement one while athlete 2 rests. Then athlete 2 will complete all of movement 2 while athlete 1 rests. This pattern will continue right through until 12 rounds has been complete. Due to the constant regular rest periods each athlete should be looking at working at their max capacity each time it is their turn to work.