Wednesday 11th July 2018

Strength –

Overhead Squat

2 Warm up sets

7×2 Overhead Squats

Increasing weight across sets

2 Minutes rest between sets

Workout – 25min CAP

400m Run

21 Power Cleans 40/30

21 Push Press 40/30

600m Run

15 Power Cleans 40/30

15 Push Press 40/30

800m Run

9 Power Cleans 40/30

9 Push Press 40/30

Session Notes –Β 

Strength – This strength piece will be focused on building strength in the overhead squat. It is important to have good overhead squat strength for our snatch to ensure we are strong enough in the overhead position to not only stand the weight up but also to balance the weight.

Workout –Β This workout is designed to be a light weighted workout so athletes can move through reps at a faster pace than normal. Athletes should be looking to set out on a pace that they can maintain across the whole workout.

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