Strength –

Snatch Pull EMOM 10 Minute

5 Snatch Pulls every minute for 10 Minutes

80-90% of 1RM Snatch

Workout –

For Time –


Hang Power Cleans – 35/25

Strict Press – 35/25

Session Notes –

Strength – The importance of the snatch pull is to build the explosive power across the pull from the ground section of the snatch. Athletes should be looking at breaking this movement into 3 separate pulls. The first pull from the ground to knee should be slowed down and controlled this is where the athlete looks at winding up their power for the second pull. The second pull happens when the bar hits the knees. This is where the athlete explodes up and generates as much power as possible. The second continues right until full extension of the hips occurs. The third pull involves athletes pulling up with their arms. A focus on keeping their elbows high and on the outside while keeping the bar as close to the body as possible is important.

Workout – This ascending chipper will test the athletes grip and upper body endurance towards the end of the workout. The first 2 rounds will feel easy but will catch up quickly. The athlete will need to be smart at the start of the chipper to avoid burning out towards the end.