Strength –

Split Jerk

2 warm up sets

7×2 Split Jerks

90 Seconds Rest Between Sets

Workout – For Time in teams – 30min CAP

100 Thruster 40/30

200 Sit Ups

100 KB Swing 24/16

200 Box Jumps 24/20

Athlete 1 – 300m Run Timer

Athlete 2 – Works

Athlete 3 – Rest

Session Notes – 

Strength –Today’s strength work looks at the split jerk. Athletes should be having a focus on their foot work with this session with the placement of their feet. The split should not be too far and athletes should be trying to drop the knee of their rear leg directly down keeping their thigh perpendicular to the ground. The reason for this is to keep the hips square and prevent injury from the hips twisting, along with is being a stronger position to receive in as the weight will be more evenly distributed between both legs rather than loading up the front leg.

Workout – This workout is a classic team chipper. Athletes work together to get through the specified reps. The athlete which is working should be working at a maximum intensity with the given rest period following their work when the next athlete returns from their run to take over on the work and rotate team members.