Strength – Barbell Cycling 

12min EMOM – 8 x Hang Power Snatch

Workout – 18min AMRAP – Pairs

3/6/9/12/15/18 + DB Hang Clean and Jerks

50 x Dble Unders

Session Notes –

Strength – Today’s EMOM has a key focus on barbell cycling. Athletes should be looking at going through all 8 reps each minute unbroken. Weights may need to be light for this to be achievable and hook grip will make this easier. To score this strength piece multiply the weight by the reps by the minutes. E.g. if the athlete held 100kg across the 12 minutes their score would be 100 x 5 minutes x 12 rounds = 6000kg Score

Workout –  Athletes will work in pairs for this workout. Athlete will perform 3 DB Clean and Jerk on each arm followed by 50 Dble Unders. Athlete 2 will perform their first round as soon as Athlete 1 has finished. This workout is a heavy DB Clean and Jerk ladder performed with double unders in between rounds. Athletes should treat this workout as a strength workout. The further through this workout the more athletes will need to break up their reps. Athletes may break up the reps between each arm as they decide to themselves.