Strength –

Snatch Complex

20 Minutes to find 1RM

1 Power Snatch


1 Hang Squat Snatch


1 Squat Snatch


Workout – 15min CAP

3 Rounds For Time

20 Wall Balls 9/6

10 Power Snatch 50/30

20 Front Squats 50/30

Session Info –

Strength – Today’s strength complex is designed to give the athletes a bit of a break from the strength work that they have been working through. However at the same time athletes will also have a chance to put the work they have been putting in to the test with this complex.

Workout – Today’s workout is designed to be a moderate weight workout with a moderate amount of reps but short in rounds. Athlete’s should be trying to look at going through each movement as close to unbroken as possible only using their transitions between movements as their rest periods.