Strength –

12 Minute EMOM

5 Hang Power Clean

(Touch and go)

Workout –

15 Minute AMRAP in Teams

Max UNBROKEN DB Chest Press

Max UNBROKEN Chest To Bar

Session Info –

Strength – For this strength piece athletes will be looking at heavy barbell cycling. Reps will be touch and go and athletes should not be stopping to reset themselves between reps. To score this strength piece multiply the weight by the reps by the minutes. E.g. if the athlete held 100kg across the 12 minutes their score would be 100 x 5 minutes x 12 rounds = 6000kg Score

Workout – This AMRAP is scored totally based on the amount of unbroken C2B and DB Presses each athlete performs. This workout will involve a lot of strategy as to when athletes decide to break as they do not want to burn them selves out too much on early sets.