Strength –

Strict Press

5 x 4 Strict Press

Increasing Weight each set

Workout –

8 Rounds For Time – 25min CAP

In Pairs (Alt Movement)

10 Toes To Bar

15 Buprees Over The Bar

20 Deadlift – 60/40

Session Info –

Strength – Today we are looking at working our strict pressing strength. Across our 5 sets of 4 today athletes want to look at increasing weight each set to try and find their 4 rep max for the day.

Workout – This pair’s workout should be a high intensity workout. Athlete one will be requires to complete all of movement one while athlete 2 rests. Then athlete 2 will complete all of movement 2 while athlete 1 rests. This pattern will continue right through until 10 rounds has been complete. Due to the constant regular rest periods each athlete should be looking at working at their max capacity each time it is their turn to work.