Strength – 

Push Press – 5 x 3

Workout – 

EMOM 12 Minutes

Minute 1 – 8 Burpees

Minute 2 – 10 Toes To Bar

Minute 3 – 12 Wall Ball 9/6

Then 3 Rounds For Time

6 Burpees

8 Toes To Bar

10 Wall Ball 9/6

Session Info – 

Strength – The aim of this strength session is to work on exploding out of the dip and using this power to transfer into the press. Weights the athlete should be selecting should be heavy enough they are unable to cycle though the reps and that they are required to reset themselves between reps. This is a strength session not barbell cycling session.

Workout – The purpose of the EMOM in this workout is to build a level of fatigue before going into a short 3 rounds for time workout. Athletes should be looking at going through each of the movements in the 3 rounds unbroken. To increase the intensity of this workout, athletes may look at increasing the reps within the EMOM to increase their level of fatigue for the workout.