*Start of a new Olympic Lifting program*

Strength – 

Front Squat – 5 x 5

Workout – 

20min CAP – 3 rounds for time

25/15 x Cal Ski/Bike/Row

300m Run

50 x Dble Unders

2min Rest

Session Info – 

Strength – Front squats are used to look at strengthening the catch of the clean and standing the weight back up. This session should be used by athletes to find a 5RM front squat which will be referenced to in future front squat sessions.

Workout – This workout is intended on building the cardio base level. Athletes should be working at maximum effort for each round to earn their rest period. The goal of the workout is to maintain the same time/intensity across each of the three rounds. Athletes are free to choose which of the three pieces of equipment they use in each round for the calories.